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Did you ever have one of those experiences that made you feel that your world had just shattered into a million pieces?

I had one of those about 3-4 years ago. I’d been hanging with a group of people that I thought were friends. (Looking back, I can see a lot of LoA lessons to begin learning and seeds that were planted.)

Long story short, things had gradually getting more and more awkward in the group. I was made to feel like an outsider and the negativity directed my way was almost palpable. I finally made the decision to leave the group. I called a friend who was also in the group and told her that they didn’t need to pick me up after the collected her; I wasn’t coming to the game anymore.

She told me that the guy who was running the game was going to “kick me out” that night anyway. That’s when things really hit the fan and turned nasty. I tried to end things amicably and got a lot of nasty messages via email. I felt rather bad about it for a while, but other friends rallied around me and supported me through that tough time. After the dust had been settled for a while, I commented to a friend that I wouldn’t mind restoring the friendships, but I’d never go back into a game with that group. His response was, “if you had gone back into that group, we’d have questioned your sanity.”

A year or so later, I learned that the group has pretty much imploded as the self-styled “leader” of the group had targeted one member then another for ‘expulsion’ on various pretexts from “his group.” Where those people are, I sometimes wonder and take a moment to hope they’ve put their lives back together, as I have mine.<br>

Life has gone on; I’ve moved on. I worked on getting to know me and what I wanted in my life. As time went by, I became more open, LoA began to work even more good things into my life. They say that when the student is ready, the teacher will come. And that is just what happened.

I found other women and groups online who were more interested in helping each other succeed than in being ‘king of the hill’ (however small the ‘hill’ might be). Through these groups, I was introduced to Kim (aka The Prosperity Yoda) who has been my mentor for the past several months. I’ve also “met” some ladies from my geographical area and we hope to have in-person meetings when we have a chance.

One day when I was on the way home from an appointment, I had one of those “A-HA!” moments: If Mike hadn’t been so insecure and concerned about boosting his own ego and done what he did, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I actually said “Thank you Mike” to the cosmos. After I had done that, I felt that a great weight had lifted off my heart.

I realized that this was a wonderful “Oh Boy!” lesson. Instead of looking back and wondering/worrying why this had to happen to me. I can now say, “Oh Boy! The Universe is definitely looking out for me. It let me go through that so I could have this better life now.


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No Waiting for New Years to Start Fresh!

Life has been keeping me occupied quite well of late.  Between that and a small financial glitch (now fixed), I was off lined for a week or so.

During the time that I was unable to access the ‘Net, I made time to do some thinking as well as do all the other things keeping me busy.  I’d been looking into the principles of the Law of Attraction (LoA for short), and took some time to really go through what I had been giving my emotions and energy.

I’m happy to report that I have seen some wonderful things coming to fruition as a result of getting my emotions, desires and thought proper application of the principles of LoA. 

One of the things that has been part of my search is to better manage and leverage my time.  One of the resources I found was Ann Rusnak’s “Flip Your Time” and “Thinking Outside the Clock eBooks (for more information go to  I’ve been reading them and starting to apply the suggestions to my daily life and it’s working.

I am constantly amazed by the synchronicity of the sites and sources I have found in my own search for a more productive, effective life.  While each teacher has something different to contribute, the underlying principles of applying things in small increments or “baby steps” and making the things you have to do fun are a continuing thread that runs through everything.

One of the results is going to be a neat new product from Phoenix Consulting.  Have you ever tried to figure out what you wanted or thought of as being the “ideal” life for you?  Gotten overwhelmed by all the possibilities and wished there was some sort of guide to help direct your thinking?

Phoenix Consulting is developing such a guide.  The first 20 people to sign up for my new ezine (debuting in January 2008) will get a sneak preview (five sections of the upcoming workbook) free for signing up.

To sign up for my new ezine, send an email to <>

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The Journey IS the Destination! ! !

Have you ever been so focused on getting someplace that once you got there you have no idea of what the journey was like?

We create that same set of circumstances in our lives many times.  Children are taught to look forward to being “grown-up” enough to make their own decisions, then to focus on the next rung of the “ladder of success.”  The Destination is emphasized so much that we forget how to live in the moment.

Think about it.  When was the last time you just too time to enjoy the moment?  To kick back with a good book and lose yourself in the story without feeling ‘guilty’ about something you “should be doing?”  Turned off your cell phone, PDA, or laptop to savor the pleasure of being totally unconnected to The Rest of The World, if only for 15 minutes?

Stress related disorders like ulcers are on the rise because people have lost the ability or inclination to take time to decompress.  We rush from one activity to another; fill the air with the noise of the TV, radio, or MP3 player until we no longer no for sure whether we are coming or going.

It is no wonder that we lose sight of ourselves sometimes.  Advertising messages that tell us we can “have it all” bombard us every day.  Funny, but they never tell us exactly what “having it all” is.

Is there a solution?  Whether there is or not depends on how willing each person is to take the initiative to learn to know him- or herself.  As people we have lost sight of ourselves by becoming caught up in the “rat race.”  Most religious philosophies have some tenet about caring for your fellow man as you care about yourself, but how can we do that if we don’t know and care about ourselves?

My challenge to each of you and to myself is to really come to terms with “YOU.”  Take some time and find out what makes “YOU” tick.

Going forward, I’ll talk about ways to do just that.

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One Size Does NOT Fit All!

Ever listen to one of the “experts” or self-styled “gurus” of organization or time management on TV? You know, the ones that say “follow this system exactly and you will be organized in no time.”?

Ever think, “Yeah it might work for this part of my life but what about . . .?

I can’t begin to count the number of times I’ve tried some “system” only to have it crash and burn after a short period of time. Finally, I took a good look at the “systems” and analyzed why they didn’t work. The common denominator I found was that none of them allowed for tailoring to my personality, my work habits or the things that are important to me.

So I started to look for a “system” that would allow for tailoring/tweaking to my own way of living. It took a little doing, but I found two very compatible guides to help me in this. They are Marla Cilley of and Julie Morgenstern, author of “Organizing from the Inside Out.”

Using the guidelines outlined by Marla and Julie has allowed me to really get my life and home organized and on track. I have times when I stumble and things start to go bad – old habits die hard – but I’ve learned not to beat myself up for it, just “jump in where I am” and start anew.

Because I know that I’m not Perfect (that dreadful “P” word that keeps us all from trying at times), I can help you to find the solution(s) that best fit your life and needs.

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A New Beginning Can Happen Anytime

Welcome to the Phoenix’ Nest!

Everyone encounters those times when problems seem like they just don’t lend themselves to being solved. Or when they just need a fresh pair of eyes to look at a situation.

That’s where Phoenix Consulting comes in. Phoenix Consulting is the fresh pair of eyes on your difficult situation, a place to help you find the answer to a problem that might never have thought of.

Here I will post things I find that I feel will be the answer to someone’s difficulties. Feel free to post a question or an insight that has helped you.

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